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Tips To Maintain Your Motorcycle At Home

March 27, 2017

Most of those people who cannot afford the car have a motorcycle as a personal transportation source. The motorcycle is one of the commonly used transportation which is not only cheaper in cost but very convenient in use as well. The motorcycles have to suffer many issues due to the uneven road, rough driving surface as well as long hours of drive. That is why the motorcycle needs a good maintaining too. For those who want to maintain their motorcycles at home by themselves, we have provided few tips and tricks. This will help you save your maintaining cost and allow you to manage your motorcycle by yourself, single-handedly.

1.    Change engine oil once a while:

It is recommended to change your engine oil after 1000 km. it depends on the traveling distance and the age of the bike. For new motorcycle, you can wait for a little to change the oil but for the old ones, you must change the engine oil after 700 to 500 km.

For changing motorcycle engine oil at home, remove the old oil from the engine clean the surface and then pour in new engine oil.

2.    Clean the carburetor:

The carburetor is a device which filters the petrol which flows in your motorcycle. Due to many impurities present in the petrol, the carburetor gets dirty and collects all the particles in it. You need to clean the carburetor every month or after 15 days so that the performance of your motorcycle doesn’t effect because of the dirty carburetor.

3.    Fill gas in your tire:

The tires have to face very hard times on the road and bear all the weight on the motorcycle as well. Therefore you must keep a good pressure of air in the tire so that they can perform better on the roads. For filling the air you have to take your motorcycle to the mechanic or gas filling machine located on the petrol pumps. Make sure both your tires have good air pressure in them.

4.    Wash your motorcycle:

The exterior is also as important as the interior machine of your motorcycle, therefore, clean and washes your motorcycle at least once a well. It can be done at home; you can give a good water and soap bath to your motorcycle and rinse it with clean water. In case you don’t need to give a wash you clean it with a wet towel as well.

5.    Lubricate your motorcycle:

The motorcycle needs lubrication as any other machine and you can do it at home by yourself. Put lubricates in all the moving parts of the motorcycle and leaves it for few hours. This will prevents rusting of the parts and improves the performance of the motorcycle as well. It will prolong the function and life of the motorcycle too. The lubrication can be done in 15 days to one month period.

6.    Maintain a good level of petrol:

The petrol level is very important for the motorcycle if you keep your petrol level low in the motorcycle it will make a problem for the engine of your motorcycle as it has to work in very low petrol supply. This can cause ceasing of your engine, poor and lowering life of your motorcycle as well as it can cause your motorcycle to close in the middle of the way. That is why it is important to keep a good level of petrol in your motorcycle.

7.    Get examine by the motorcycle mechanics one a while:

Even if you don’t have any issues with your motorcycle take it to the mechanic for a regular check up. It will help you know any issues with your motorcycle and get inspected by a professional. There can be any issue which might be neglected by you and a mechanic can fix it that is why it is necessary to visit your mechanic once in a while.

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